References and reflection

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At first, when I heard about this assignment I thought it would be a true challenge. I instantly thought about Politics since it is one of my major interests, and I have thought about these issues concerning truth before. Then I thought writing a blog offered us a way to express our thoughts in a rather informal and personal way compared to a formal essay. I was reassured by the fact that I had researched the subject of Truth in Politics before, and already knew what I was planning to talk about, but as I started my research this week I was impressed on how the debate had evolved in the last few years and how relevant this evolution was to my blog.

Therefore, I chose to structure my blog in a rather chronological way, starting with ancient ideas, Greek philosophy, the Renaissance symbol of intellectual development, with Machiavel, the history-changing insights of Hannah Arendt and finally, our present days and the current issues that nourished my interest in Politics in the first place. For the first time, I had to deal with referencing which I eventually understood but I definitely would not have thought that it would have taken me so long.

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